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Spring Wake-up

By hoxielandscape

The calendar says winter but it sure feels like spring.

It has been a very mild and atypically snowless winter for our area. Baring an unlikely late cold snap, our landscapes will be starting to escape from their yearly dormant season soon. The soil temperatures are several degrees higher than normal as are the water temperatures. Both of these weather elements play an important role in the timing of the active growing season.

There are numerous things that you should be thinking about to help your landscape transition smoothly into the upcoming months:

1). Look for signs of winter damage in your trees and shrubs. Even in a mild winter, cold and wind can cause damage to plant material that may not show up until the weather warms up. Look for off-color or brown branches in your evergreens and broken branches in all your plants.

2). Some of your perennials and wood shrubs such as rose of sharon and spirea bloom on new growth and should be pruned back now if they were not done so in the fall. Any perennials that were not cut back in the fall should be cleaned up now in preparation of the new blooming season.

4). Late winter is a great time to examine older, perhaps overgrown or overly mature shrubs for proper pruning. It is less costly to renovate most shrubs than it is to remove them and replant. Hoxie Landscape Services are experts at developing and implementing renovation pruning plans for old plant material. If some plants are indeed beyond recovery through pruning, we can help you decide what is best to replace them and help you make it happen.

5). As part of a spring cleanup, we automatically take care of the pruning of perennials and summer flowering shrubs that need it as well as weeding and creating a nice crisp edge to your beds. Lawns are cleaned off of the winter debris and, if necessary, cut short to eliminate shaggy growth.

6). If you haven’t already now is the time to switch to an organic lawn program and stop polluting our drinking water and fragile coastline with phosphorous and nitrogen. It’s the right thing to do.

7). Manage your irrigation system to reduce unnecessary watering. Most modern irrigation controllers have a dial to adjust the percentage of watering performed by the system. Set up your schedule for optimum watering for the driest time of the year and then raise or lower the percentage as needed to only water as much as needed.

If you need help getting your property ready for the upcoming season please call or email us for a free consultation.