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Irrigation System Maintenance

We provide maintenance of automatic irrigation systems.  This includes:  Start-up, Winterizing, Monitoring, Diagnosis and Repair.  Irrigation system start-up and winterizing services require efficient routing and scheduling to keep the cost reasonable.  We need access to your home for these services, and your cooperation in scheduling is appreciated.

Start-up Irrigation System:  The system shall be started and all components of the irrigation system shall be checked to insure optimum performance of the system.  The controller will be set up and the watering schedule adjusted for midseason performance.  The seasonal adjustment may be set to 50% of the summer setting or left in the off position.  If repairs are needed you will be informed of any additional charges.

Winterize Irrigation System:  The water source shall be shut off or disconnected from the system, and the irrigation lines will be blown out to prevent damage from freezing.

Irrigation System Monitoring:  Routine monitoring includes evaluation of the system performance and seasonal adjustments as needed.  An annual monitoring schedule will include three to six monitoring visits.