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Important if you have IMPATIENS in your garden!!

By hoxielandscape

From the Umass Extension website:

Impatiens downy mildew was diagnosed on Impatiens (walleriana) in landscapes in Massachusetts for the first time in 2011 and has been diagnosed again in 2012.

Symptoms vary from slightly off color foliage (slight yellowing) and slight wilting/curling down of foliage to nearly total leaf loss. If the disease continues to progress, eventually the leaves and flowers will drop, resulting in bare stems with only a few tiny, yellow leaves remaining. Downy mildew can be spread long distances by wind currents, water splash (overhead irrigation included) or by the movement of infected plants.

What to do: Infected plants should be pulled, roots soil and all, bagged and disposed of. The area should not be replanted with susceptible impatiens species. Fungicide treatments are not recommended for plants in the landscape since they are not always effective at eliminating the disease.

To see pictures of what this disease looks like on your plants – click here: