Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why hire a full service landscape company?

A. In our current age of specialization many homeowners and property managers may feel it’s necessary and perhaps in their best interest to hire multiple specialized companies to perform each of the unique tasks that make up the whole of caring for their landscape. For owners and managers this approach may result in hiring – an irrigation technician, a lawn application company, a company to prune and care for trees and shrubs and perhaps a separate company to mow the lawn, perform spring and fall cleanups and mulch the beds.

Hiring and communicating with multiple companies can be challenging and at times frustrating. Coordinating and scheduling services is often tedious and time consuming given the number of calls required and personalities you must interact with. And then there are the invoices from each company and writing checks several times each month.

If your goal is to hire local experts to care for your trees, shrubs, turf and keep your landscape healthy and looking great. I would suggest that there is really no need to hire more than one company to handle all of your landscape needs. Having one company will simplify your role and bring harmony to the process.

Hoxie Landscape is that full service landscape company with expert personnel trained and experienced in each of the services mentioned above. Our staff is centrally managed and the scheduling is coordinated so that individual services will not conflict with each other. When requesting or scheduling services you have only one number to call or email to send. Most months you will receive just one invoice and payment can be arranged automatically via credit card if you desire.

Didn’t know it can be that easy? Let us know what your additional needs are and we will provide expert advice and a quote to care for all of your landscape needs.

Q. Why do we recommend pruning at different times of the year or more than one pruning on my property?

A. Shrub species require pruning at different times of the season based on growth habit and time of flowering. We schedule the pruning services to best meet the horticultural needs of your plants to promote health and maximize bloom.

Q. What is a Landscape Service Visit (LSV)?

A. LSV’s are designed to provide needed ongoing landscape services on your property. This may include but are not limited to: manual weeding, minor pruning, flower care, perennial care or minor on going clean ups. The late spring to early fall is an active time for your landscape and LSV’s help to keep the property in better shape.

Q. When will my spring clean up or mulching take place?

A. The spring time is an incredibly busy time in the landscape business. In general, we try hard to accommodate your expectations in regards to the timing of these jobs. If you want them done by a certain date or within a certain time period, it is important to let us know. Otherwise we will be performing the work in a manner that is efficient to us. We usually start cleanups early March and continue until early June.

Some mulching jobs are done with the spring clean ups. Most are stand-alone jobs that are done in mid-April through mid to late June. We do offer a 10% discount on 2019 annual renewals mulch jobs done after July 15th.

Q. What height does Hoxie mow lawns and why?

A. We mow lawns at approximately 3” of height during the growing season. Doing so promotes a more vigorous root system, overall healthier lawn and reduces weeds and crabgrass.

We do mow the lawn closer for the first mowing or two (helps to remove winter debris) and the last mowing or two (helps to put the lawn to bed). Mowing crews are not able to alter the mowing heights of the machine.

Q. Why do I sometimes receive a debris surcharge on my bill?

A. When mowing your lawn, we also clean up minor debris as part of the routine service. In the fall and after wind storms the excessive accumulated debris sometimes require mowing crews to process that debris before the lawn can be mowed. We charge for the extra time to remove and dispose of that debris. The surcharges are uncommon but necessary to properly care for your lawn.

Q. Why would I need irrigation monitoring?

A. During the irrigation startup we set the system for early season needs. This period is generally cooler and wetter. As the season progresses, the water needs of your landscape increases. Irrigation monitoring allows us to adapt the output of your system to better meet the needs of your landscape. Monitoring also allows us to adjust head coverage if necessary as well as verifying the proper functioning of the systems component’s.

Late in the summer it is often required to lessen the amounts of water added as the temperatures start to wane.

If you are interested in irrigation monitoring and it is not on your renewal, please call us and we can quote you that price.

Q. How big of an outbreak are the winter and gypsy moth caterpillars going to be in 2020? Or Why do I have less Foliar sprays applications on my renewal?

A. Information gathered from UMass and Barnstable county extension suggest that the overall number of winter moth and gypsy moth caterpillars will be less than years past. We are still suggesting 2 sprays but we will be monitoring the outbreak carefully to see if the 2nd spray will be necessary. Please call the office if you do not feel a 2nd spray needs to be done.

Q. What happens if I sign up late for the lawn fertilizer program and miss round one?

A. If you miss the application no pre emergent control will be put down and you might be inundated with crabgrass and other weeds. If this occurs there will an extra application charge to control them.

Q. What do you use to control ticks and is it safe for children and pets?

A. Yes, we use a mixture of products called Demand (Insecticide) and Archer (Insect Growth Regulator) which is made by Syngenta. It is used to treat the perimeter of your property once a month as it discourages ticks from entering your property or in places where ticks may hide.

Q. What is weed management?

A. Our weed Management program is designed to treat all accessible weeds from the non-turf areas. This is a natural plant based product that is applied to weeds in areas that include stone driveways, walkways, patios, and open mulch beds. (May – October)

Q. Why do I have plant health care for a service(PHC)?

A. Our core plant health care program includes a series of property inspections throughout the year. This typically includes application of horticulture oil or insecticidal soaps this provides a cost effective and environmentally sensitive service to protect your plant material.

Q. When is the deadline for me to take advantage of the prepayment discount for my renewal ?

A. We need to receive the prepayment postmarked no later than March 1st. Payment received after this date will be applied to the account and the difference will be billed during the season.

Q. How much are the discounts and how do I pay for my renewal?

A. If you pay by check the discount is 5% and by credit card it is 3%. You can mail a check to 25 Jan Sebastian Dr. Sandwich Ma 02563. If paying by credit card you can call the office with your credit card number, pay on the client portal by clicking Pay on my account or by mailing back the credit card authorization form attached to your renewal.

Your username and password are on your renewal for paying online.

Q. When is my renewal due by?

A. We need to receive your renewal before April 1st to properly schedule your services. Many of our services are route driven and timely renewal allow us to be more efficient.

Q. Why is my due date the same as the invoice date?

A. Our terms are payable upon receipt of your invoice.

Q. Can I set up automatic monthly payment of invoices?

A. Yes, monthly billing is charged to your credit card at the end of month for routine services performed (mowing, lawn care) and upon completion of annual services such as clean ups and pruning.

You may set this up online by clicking Pay on my account or by filling out the attached credit card authorization form on your renewal and by mailing it to 25 Jan Sebastian Dr. Sandwich Ma 02563.

Q. What is the best method for me to contact the office with questions about my services or an invoice?

A. First option is by email to customerservice@hoxielandscape.com. Secondly is by calling 508-888-6272. If you leave a message we will return your call as soon as we can.